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Broadtube Hip Hop Hits 1 Compilation

  • clockSubmit by: Jun 30, 2019
  • Cost: Pro Artists (Free), Basic Artists (10 Credits)
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Broadtube Music Distribution is an approved digital distributor that will deliver songs to digital stores worldwide. Music licensing is also available to all approved songs. Metadata must be provided for artists opting in our music licensing.

We are seeking Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B songs to distribute globally via Broadtube Music Distribution.

The selected artists will sign a nonexclusive contract with us to distribute, license and sell their songs globally via digital stores.

Selected artists take 70 percent of generated royalty from the sales and licensing while Broadtube Music Distribution takes remaining 30 percent.

Can I submit a song that has been released before?
Yes, we will assign a new ISRC for your song if we selected it for distribution.

I have the song on YouTube and it is monetized. Is there going to be a conflict with your distribution?
We have excluded distribution to YouTube so there won’t be any conflict but you can contact us if you want us to distribute the song to YouTube.

I have the song already on the radio stations and I have registered with a P.R.O for the collection of royalty. Will your distribution conflict with it?
We have excluded collection of royalty for radio airplay but you can contact us if you want us to collect for you through Sound Exchange.

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