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Covid 19 Documentary needs literate songs in the style of Jim Croce or Harry Chapin

  • clockSubmit by: Aug 4, 2020
  • Cost: Pro Artists (Free), Basic Artists (20 Credits)
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Six families( 3 and 3) either side of the Canada/U.S. border are the focus of yet another Covid documentary.

SYNOPSIS: We look at how the virus has impacted them in every area of their lives.

SEEKING: Director keeps chopping and changing ideas for songs here. For now his mission statement is "I want literate songs with great lyrics and great melodies as if I was asking for Jim Croce or Harry Chapin to write for this". Maybe looking for a couple of songs but if song is strong enough may open with it and go for music elsewhere as music composer is on board but can't come up with a song. Sync fee TBC.

You MUST include full copyright information (act/artist, publisher, master rights owner, song title).

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Submissions close at 12:01AM EST Tuesday 8/4/20

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