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October 9th, 2014 by

Here’s the first installment of Music Gorilla’s featured Pro Artist Series.
The first Pro Member to be featured is Andrea Desmond.
Andrea, also known as Seattle’s “indie pop sweetheart” (, is a true musical free spirit! She is a singer-songwriter on piano who is nominated for a Shorty Award, a mini-version of the Grammys honoring the best of social media. She recently won Best Singer/Songwriter Music Video for Akademia Music Awards and also won first place for her song “Run” in the Eco Arts Awards: Songs of Freedom Competition. She was nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Artist at the Artist in Music Awards, for which she also performed at the Nomination Ceremony/Red Carpet Event in Hollywood. Now with her powerful backing band, the White Lights, they made it to the finals of the Seattle Jammin’ Challenge, which kick-started her career in the city. They recorded at Toybox Studios with Justin Cronk of Vendetta Red back in September 2012 and currently Andrea is writing and developing new songs with Seattle’s top producer, Martin Feveyear of Jupiter Studios.
Music Gorilla: Like most artists you have noteworthy and cringeworthy material posted online. Here’s a chance to flaunt your best. Give them your top 2 links; no more, no less.
Andrea Desmond: Here are my top two links: and
MG: What song are you certain should be played on the radio the day after the music industry reads your answer (pick one :))?
AD: I think my song “Run” should be played on the radio when they here it.
MG: Hypothetical: The industry wants your music, but they don’t want you or vice versa: How flexible are you in this imperfect, yet all too real-world scenario? Are you still listening or is it time for them to hang up?
AD: I am very open to possibilities when it comes to opportunities within this industry. I just had a conversation with my friend who works at Universal Records, and we were talking about how lucrative it could be for me to be a songwriter for others (while writing more for myself). What goes around comes around!
MG: How long has your band been together? How many pieces? Are we talking “lifers” or “moonlighters”? If asked, do all critical components of your band have the ability to tour 300+ days per year, as of this question? Yes, that includes you solo songwriter people!
AD: I had a band up in Seattle, and then I moved down to Los Angeles to pursue my music career. We were a four piece (we still are in a long-distance relationship because I love them and they’re so talented!!!), but right now I’m paving the way and going solo just me and the piano. If something wonderful happened to us, we would so be ready to get up and tour!
MG: For those of you not touring, what’s the real issue that stops you? Is it time? Finances? Family? A job?
AD: As I begin my new life pursuing music full-on, there is absolutely nothing stopping me from touring.
MG: What’s your greatest strength and your greatest weakness? Whether it’s time management, beer management, or tightening up your songwriting, or anything else that affects you, elaborate.
AD: I would say my biggest strength is songwriting. My biggest weakness is that I’ve been doing all my own management because I feel I’m waiting for the right person. When that person does come along, I could really use some assistance.
MG: A&R reps and established artists have attended the live showcases of Music Gorilla. We recall one where there were only a few people in attendance and we’re not sure the band knew exactly who was watching, because one of the 3 was a R&R Hall of Fame inductee. It was an interesting moment for us on this side of the fence, to see how it played out. Do you play the same for 3 people as you do for 300? Sure, it’s the energy from the audience that makes the gig more enjoyable, but it’s the energy on stage that creates the energy in the audience.
AD: I definitely feed off of the energy of the audience. I always pay each show like it’s my last, but the nature of the show would be different for three people than 300.. in an intimate setting I’m more laid-back and low-key, and in front of 300 I put on a big show and naturally kick up the stage presence! I just feel at home on the stage regardless.
MG: Look to the past, who’s your inspiration? What makes this question not boring? You can only name one. Warning: saying you can’t pick just one is entirely too hipster and unacceptable 🙂
AD: My inspiration is Alan Menken. I was fortunate enough for him to train me in songwriting. This man knows what he’s doing and was the best teacher I ever had. I also admire how he keeps writing music – I mean, he’s non-stop – when he could have retired long ago. This is because he feels deeply passionate about music and is giving back to others.
MG: Give us your next year: Where are you? What are you doing?
AD: My next year: I’m making it as a successful musician as far as I can go. I’m able to make a living and have a solid career trajectory.
MG: Here’s the real battle in this industry, everyone is so damn unique and most are so damn good and they’re making beautiful, damn music, yet still you need to convince the masses or the few people who have the ability to get you to the masses, that you stand out even more. What is it that sets you apart? Why should they invest in you? What is it that you have that even the best of the others don’t? What is it that will make them demand an encore?
AD: In answering the question about what makes me unique, I feel that it is not something that I need to prove. There are thousands of  musicians out there who are wonderfully talented. You’d just have to meet me in person, or hear me play live, to decide for yourself why you may think I stand out.
MG: Ok, so this wasn’t your run of the mill interview, anything you want to add? Add the stuff you wished we asked.

AD: When I first moved to LA a month ago, everyone around me needed to give me an opinion about how “hard it is to get noticed because there’s so much competition”. I don’t feel that’s been my experience at all. It’s been completely positive, if not magical!! A month in, a promoter found me and offered me two dates to play the House of Blues. When I first came here I participated in this World-Wide-Star-Search where someone who has a video production company found me and is now making live music videos. I am thankful to already have fans, a local studio who added me to their list of songwriters, all from the couple shows I played and open mikes.

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