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June 4th, 2015 by

Olio is Music Gorilla’s latest featured Pro Artist Member.

Olio was inspired by rock legends that made music in the moment without the help of computers and backing tracks. It’s our responsibility to continue this inspired tradition. Sharing moments with you that can only happen at a live show. There is only one way to do this.


Music Gorilla: Like most artists you have noteworthy and cringeworthy material posted online. Here’s a chance to flaunt your best. Give them your top 2 links; no more, no less.

MG: What song are you certain should be played on the radio the day after the music industry reads your answer (pick one :))?

MG: Hypothetical: The industry wants your music, but they don’t want you or vice versa: How flexible are you in this imperfect, yet all too real-world scenario? Are you still listening or is it time for them to hang up?
Olio: We’re flexible. We have a lot of songs and more on the way. Besides, those that pass on the total package, will kick themselves later on.

MG: How long has your band been together? How many pieces? Are we talking “lifers” or “moonlighters”? If asked, do all critical components of your band have the ability to tour 300+ days per year, as of this question? Yes, that includes you solo songwriter people!
Olio: 15yrs. current line-up 3yrs. we are lifers. this is our job and passion. writing, recording, touring and sell our product, which is more than just cds and tshirts.
we’re touring now and we will be touring until we can’t do it anymore. 200-300 dates, U.S., International…wherever the people are, that’s where we’ll be.

MG: For those of you not touring, what’s the real issue that stops you? Is it time? Finances? Family? A job?
Olio: The only thing stopping us are the decision makers. We’ve been ready.

MG: What’s your greatest strength and your greatest weakness? Whether it’s time management, beer management, or tightening up your songwriting, or anything else that affects you, elaborate.
Olio: Greatest Strength- our tenacity plus our our live show. we never quit and pass on an opportunity to further the music. Greatest Weakness- not enough time in the day to do all things we need to do. we have found we’re much more creative on the total package of the band when we’re on the road versus being at home with all the distractions.

MG: A&R reps and established artists have attended the live showcases of Music Gorilla. We recall one where there were only a few people in attendance and we’re not sure the band knew exactly who was watching, because one of the 3 was a R&R Hall of Fame inductee. It was an interesting moment for us on this side of the fence, to see how it played out. Do you play the same for 3 people as you do for 300? Sure, it’s the energy from the audience that makes the gig more enjoyable, but it’s the energy on stage that creates the energy in the audience.
Olio: That’s our specialty. We never play to the number, we play to the dream. our dream like most is to play to very large crowds but that’s not always the case. But the people who come to see you aren’t concerned about that. they deserve a show and we always give them a show. ask any bartender, waitress or security personnel. it’s the 2nd most compliment we get.

MG: Look to the past, who’s your inspiration? What makes this question not boring? You can only name one. Warning: saying you can’t pick just one is entirely too hipster and unacceptable 🙂
Olio: ok, for this question we will choose Led Zeppelin. the question isn’t boring but it is annoying, because everyone ask the question. Led Zep is a huge inspiration because they did more than most bands have ever done in their short time. plus their catalog is very diverse. their influence was more than just music, they change the live music game as well.
ask me this question tomorrow and i will tell you how much Prince has inspired us.

MG: Give us your next year: Where are you? What are you doing?
Olio: We’re touring, writing and recording a new album, hopefully produced by Eddie Kramer, who produced two our EP’s. expanding our Brand and Marketing strategies. like i said we’re more than just music, we have a whole “Thing” happening over here and someone who has the goods and the shared vision is going to help us launch this thing to unparalleled success for an Indie Band.

MG:Here’s the real battle in this industry, everyone is so damn unique and many are so damn good and they’re making beautiful music, yet still you need to convince the masses or the few people who have the ability to get you to the masses, that you stand out even more. What is it that sets you apart? Why should they invest in you? What is it that you have that even the best of the others don’t? What is it that will make them demand an encore?
Olio: This is a great series of questions and i’m glad you used the word “invest” that is exactly how we see ourselves. we want people to get involved in what we’re about not just buy music and go to a show. we believe that people are searching for more and they deserve to get it. the landscape is changing and the old may still work but it does not create the true “invested” consumer. first off our live show is high energy and dynamic, with great songs that take you on roller coaster ride. this is why we already get encores, this is why we blow away headliners even when we play to people who have no idea who we are. we take our music and presentation seriously and people see that and respect that because they see we care, THEY CARE. it makes people pay attention, the show keep their attention and the fact we’re nice guys off stage makes people feel appreciated. this why and how the “invest” in us, they want us to be successful because they care and the feel like they are a part of something. we end up with friends not just fans. this is a people business not the music business. our merch is based on lifestyle not just the band and tour logos. this way it creates opportunity for the fan to talk about the band to their friends, family, co workers…you add all of that to great songs and a hell of a show, you have something special.

MG: Ok, so this wasn’t your run of the mill interview, anything you want to add? Add the stuff you wished we asked.
Olio: If any of you decision makers out there really want to make a statement and do something a little off center, gives us a call or email and let’s make it happen.
if you’re happy in the same ol same ol and you want regurgitated music, claiming to be unique, then you’ll get what you wanted and the point of this questionnaire was useless for all involved.

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