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July 5th, 2014 by

Recently, We The MG caught up with Royal Teeth.

If all music tells a story, then Royal Teeth’s joyous, inspired songs spin an exuberant tale of possibility, each note conveying the youthful excitement of venturing out into the great wide world. The songs on the band’s debut album, Glow, were penned around the idea of exploration and spirited adventures into the unknown, and its 11 tracks lay out a kaleidoscopic narrative of discovery.
Royal Teeth, who have been featured on American Idol + Last Call with Carson Daly and seen placement in various TV spots, including the current Samsung Galaxy S5 “Next Big Thing” ads, are really only embarking on their adventure now, with the release of this debut album. The first chapters of that story are heard in the music, a soundtrack for exploration and discovery, of bursting into a world teeming with possibilities. 


Music Gorilla: Louisiana and New Orleans have an incredible music culture. How have they influenced your music?
Royal Teeth: We carry the energy of Louisiana more than anything. It is unlike anywhere else. We dance and sing with strangers in the street. Performing live isn’t that different.

MG: You’ve shared stages with a lot of artists – which was your favorite show and why?
RT: It’s impossible to pick one show. Playing with The Kooks was pretty amazing.

Royal Teeth credit Zach BreauxRT

Photo by Zach Breaux

MG: Your sound changed from having a more folk element to a more electronic element – what brought that about?
RT: I write all of my song ideas on acoustic so most of our original songs had a acoustic/folk element. We had a show booked and our drummer at the time couldn’t play it so we experimented with having one show with electronic drums. Once we started experimenting everything changed.

MG: What would you say have been the most important elements, from a band point of view, in your success?
RT: I think everyone on our team working hard on a daily basis is the most important thing. A little bit everyday goes a long way. We also try to stay very connected with our fans. Our drummer Hef keeps up with social media and he does a great job with it. They are along for the ride as we continue to grow.

MG: What advice would you give artists looking to get to that next level? As far as touring? Songwriting? etc
RT: I would have to say that working hard everyday is most important. Never stop trying to better yourself. Put yourself in every position to be seen or to grow. It can be a lot of sacrifices at first but it will pay off. Lastly, always believe in yourself and what you are doing. If you don’t believe it neither will they.

MG: When you showcased at Music Gorilla LIVE 2012 at Fuel in Austin, there was a packed house and a line out the door. Did you feel the momentum that 2012 brought, at the time?
RT: I did. I remember feeling like it was the beginning of something big for us. I think that’s when it really clicked that this was going to be a career for me.

MG: You gave an awesome performance on American Idol, Harry seems like a nice guy, and like all of us, a fan of Royal Teeth. Is he as nice off the air? Did you give any tips to the artists competing on American Idol?
RT: He was such a nice guy. He met us during soundcheck to say hi and wish us luck. We didn’t actually chat with any of the artists but we shared the snacks in our dressing room with them.

MG: Anything else you’d like to promote/include?
RT: Go to for tour dates and more info!

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