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If you’ve made your way to this site you probably enjoy music, maybe even love it. For most people music is a part of their everyday life, whether it’s dancing on a Friday night, jamming to tunes on the way to work, learning music, or even writing and performing. It transcends time, cultures, and language barriers. Music is magic. There are also some pretty cool phenomena associated with music such as why your voice sounds different on a recording or why you get the chills when listening to music. Scientists have tried their best and have come up with a few theories as to why these things happen. Check out the infographic from TakeLessons below for the answers.


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    When writing music there is a fine line between writing from the heart enabling emotions and feelings that can touch others as well as you the writer. As you are probably aware, music that is just scribbled down and shot out to the fans, often doesn’t have any serious relate ability most of the time, but, yes, sometimes it can kick butt and I for one love it when this happens, as so do others, but the fans have hearts, emotions, feeling etc. As a writer musician, I have written the majority of the 100+ songs I’ve recorded in the studio and live with my group the, Southern Raiders Band, (Calm Down! NO Not Spam) in our accomplishments, and ever song I have written, I have tried to write from the heart with meaning for me, as well as, you, I hope. I have never written any song that didn’t have a true story about situations that has happened in my life. For example, I had a school friend, from back in the day, come and tell me he remembered the story I wrote about in a song of mine that he had been part of, although unmentioned, knew what I was writing about when he heard it, now that was awesome. Songs can touch people’s lives in many ways. Aforementioned, although others may find a different meaning than the writer, it doesn’t matter, as long as the song completes the objective of music, Write From The Heart And Touch The Soul…

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