Music Gorilla Showcase for Columbia Records 7.31.14

August 14th, 2014 by

On the last day in July, Music Gorilla had one of our Major Label Showcases at the epic and historic NYC venue The Bitter End ( There were 5 bands playing for an A&R rep from Columbia Records, and they networked and received feedback on their 45 minute performances.

Here are some shots of the event, starting with the line up:


Photo Courtesy of  Erica S. Thomsen


First up, all the way from North Caroline was Dark Water Rising (

Darkwater-Rising-The-Bitter-End Darkwater-Rising-The-Bitter-End-4

Photos courtesy of Reji B. Photography


Next, from just over the George Washington Bridge came an acoustic set by Easy Company (

EasyCompany-The-Bitter-End-5 EasyCompany-The-Bitter-End-3

Photos courtesy of Reji B. Photography


Playing at 9:30 coming all the way from the West Coast was Lost In Atlantis (

Lost-In-Atlantis-The-Bitter-End-8 Lost-In-Atlantis-The-Bitter-End-6

Photos courtesy of Reji B. Photography


Up next, also making the trip from North Carolina, (we’re glad they made it with the state of their engine!!) was GrownUp Avenger Stuff (

GrownUpAvengerStuff-The-Bitter-End-3 GrownUpAvengerStuff-The-Bitter-End-4

Photos courtesy of Reji B. Photography


And closing out the evening was The Great SOCIO coming to us from Philly (

TheGreatSocio-The-Bitter-End-4 TheGreatSocio-The-Bitter-End-5

Photos courtesy of Reji B. Photography


We’re always grateful to the fantastic staff at The Bitter End, including the amazing sound engineer, Adrian. They are always supportive of indie artists and bands and we love having our events there. Thank you guys – you are absolutely deserving of your own day!


Photo Courtesy of  Erica S. Thomsen

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