How to Turn Fans into Superfans

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As a musician, you have to walk a very fine line between constantly attracting new fans, and paying proper respect to your superfans. For some musicians, the number of fans is not nearly as important as the number of superfans that live and die by their art. If you want to take the Average Joe that listens to your music and turn them into a superfan that attends every concert and buys every album, you need to know these five tips for success.

Give Fans Your Undivided Attention

The biggest disconnect between fans and a musician occurs when fans feel like their favorite musician is too good for them. If a fan approaches you in public or in a common area after a performance, give them your undivided attention. This doesn’t mean you have to sit down with them for an hour and listen to their life story. What it means is give them a 30 seconds of your time to make them feel special, and you’ll create a personal connection in their mind.

If it’s a group that approaches you and not just an individual, treat the group as a whole. You don’t need to talk to all of them individually. It can be as simple as posing for a quick group photo with them to help create that same connection.

Keep Small Merchandise Handy

Creating a flock of superfans is like feeding goats. Give them a little treat and they’ll keep showing up. Keep commemorative pins, simple rubber bracelets, or customized guitar picks on you when you are out and about at events. When fans come up to you, take a moment to recognize them and give them a small token of appreciation. In that moment, they’ll feel special and it gives them something to show their friends. Even if you hand out 25 of them that night, those 25 people will feel special for having received one.

Communicate Effectively Through Your Blog

The web is a powerful tool. Your blog can be a great tool for getting the word out about upcoming albums and concert dates, but it can also be an easy tool for creating a more personal connection with your fans. Take the time, even if it’s just once a week or every other week, to share a personal story on your blog. This gives your fans a chance to see you in a different light, as an average human being with the same thoughts, feelings, and struggles they face. Creating superfans is all about creating a connection between artist and fan.

Play Small Venues

Artists make a living touring the country to perform live in front of fans. However, it is a good idea to take time whenever possible and play a small venue. A good way to do this is to use your blog or website to host contest. Find a small venue you can play and have the fans compete in a contest for the limited number of seats available in the venue. Those who win will be on cloud nine, and those who lose will be dying for another shot at a future event in a small venue.

Give Your Loyal Fans a Name

Everyone wants to feel like they are part of a group. In creating superfans you are creating a semi-cult. These people will listen to all of your music, buy every album, and move heaven and Earth to attend your concerts. The least you can do is find a creative name for that loyal fanbase. From a business perspective, it is a great tool for creating a brand identity for you or your group. For your fans, it gives them a way of associating more closely with you as an artist.

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